Don Kennell

Don Kennell

Public Works

Inaugural Project for the Railyard Park in Santa Fe New Mexico

Yard Dog, 12’x22’x6’, Powder Coated Steel, Galvanized Sheet Metal

Completed in 2011, this sculpture is the inaugural project for the Railyard park in Santa Fe New Mexico. The sculpture features a porch swing style bench that hangs from the ‘belly’ of the dog.

City of Santa Fe

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Water Works, wall area 8’ x 14’ x 18”, Steel, Ceramic Stoneware 

Commissioned in 2006 by the City of Santa Fe for the new Southside Library, this piece is installed in the library courtyard. The images here include the wall section tiles on the stair risers, and the handrail. The piece is an allegory of the hydrological cycle. The wall section is composed of meteorological symbols for precipitation and a wave image upon which ride symbolic life forms.

W.L. Jackson Park, Bernalillo County


Sandia Allegory, Powder-Coated Steel, Copper, Colored Cast Concrete

Each lizard 15′ long, each bench approximately 3′ x 5′

Completed in 2005, this project was a commission from Bernalillo County for the W.L. Jackson Park. The lizard sculptures are based on a native species and the benches refer to pueblo pottery shards typical to the area.

National Endowment for the Arts program

Hatful of History, 14’ x 11’ x 5’, Steel, Copper, Cast Aluminum, Concrete

Completed in 2000, this sculpture was part of my residency through the NEA program Artists Create for the Millennium. The project was built collaboratively with the participation of local residents and is a collection of imagery that explores certain aspects of community history.

New Jersey Transit Light Rail System

Back to Basics, Book Forms 7’x 9’ x 4’, Letter Stacks vary in size, Colored Cast Concrete

Each grouping consists of a large open book form and numerous letter stacks

Completed in 1999 this commission for New Jersey Transit Light Rail System is at a station that serves a library and several schools.  The letter shapes function as benches for waiting passengers.